Making a difference.
One bin at a time.

Shocking footage of person being tipped inside waste lorry

The sad truth of what is happening on our streets & what our waste operators are facing on a daily basis

Across the globe there are sadly 100 million homeless people, 320,000 of those are in the UK. Multiple deaths across the UK & the world from people taking shelter in Bins / Skips & Compactors is a terrible statistic in today’s world. But now we can stop these unnecessary deaths with the Human Detector from TWS.

Why is it so important?

A bin keeps the rain off, provides a bit of protection from the cold, but what happens when the bin is emptied & the person is still inside? Risk of horrific injuries & ultimately death. In the last decade their have been multiple deaths in the UK recorded, but how many go unrecorded because the person has no fixed abode?

A recent Guardian Newspaper article reported that last winter, Veolia recorded 32 reports of people being found found inside their bins in the UK. Biffa, which often operates larger commercial containers, discovered 175 people in its bins in 2016. The issue then is clearly a very real concern, and the problem continues to grow, with potentially fatal consequences.

The Device

When life is detected in the bin / skip / compactor / container a visual aide is shown on the outside of the bin.

The Waste Operative will have an app on their phone or tablet which communicates with the Human Detector alerting them that there is life inside.

It’s a simple idea that will protect many lives.

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